Catholic Education Flanders

Catholic Education Flanders (Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen) is a  membership organisation of catholic schools (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, special needs schools, boarding schools, vocational schools, schools for adult education, higher education plus the university of Leuven) in Flanders and the Brussels region..

We represent our members (schoolboards) in diverse settings, stand up for their interests and support them in judicial, administrative and managerial matters. We support, counsel and coach our schools in realising the project of the ' catholic dialogue school' and in further developing education of high quality. 

Catholic Education Flanders is the  biggest educational player in Flanders (the northern half of Belgium) and inspires with its educational project over 2 200 schools and 935 000 pupils and students. 

Catholic dialogue school 

At the crossing of education, Church and society, the catholic dialogue school warmly  welcomes everyone, whatever his religious or ideological background may be. Pupils (including those attending boarding school, adult education, college or university students), parents, members of staff, administrators, all of them and without exception are invited to participate in its educational project. Throughout the dialogue the catholic dialogue school enriches itself and in a contemporary context  recontextualises its Christian inspiration. 

Proceeding from the tradition to which the school belongs and in dialogue with its environment, the catholic dialogue school intends to be a  training ground for living (together) in a world that is characterized by  diversity and difference. Critically-creatively learning to get along with what is familiar and what is different, with what unites and what distinguishes, enables people to contribute to an open, meaningful, tolerant and enduring society, where everyone has got a place – a world of which God dreams too. 

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